Try our new EXOTIC meat CARPACCIOS!!!

At Naturia Emques we've just launched a new product

Try our  newdelicatedelicious   turkey and pork carpaccios!

Our Company

Remaining faithful to the past but looking to the future, turning quality into exquisiteness, we've blended creativity with innovation, anticipating market trends with a new, totally original range of turkey and pork carpaccios to join our comprehensive range of traditional cold cuts.

At Naturia Emques we've reinvented the traditional approach to cold meat production with new, healthier and more environmentally friendly technological processes, made possible by our recently built state-of-the art production facilities with cutting-edge proprietary technology.

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Our Cold cuts

At Naturia Emques we specialise in typical Spanish sliced cold cuts, from top quality Iberian ham to exquisite chorizo sausages, not to mention our serrano ham and an extensive range of cured and cooked products.

Thanks to our well-designed presentation (environmentally friendly packaging), top quality (products prepared by specialists in the group) and technology (wafer-thin slices), our products can be distributed ready-sliced rather than as whole pieces to be sliced by the retailer.

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Our carpaccios

After 5 years of research, we are proud to present the new Naturia Emques range of turkey and pork carpaccios in different flavours... curry, oregano, pepper and herbes de Provence.

Our goal is to bring an exclusive fine dining experience to consumers in the form of attractive, mouth-watering products with delicate textures and subtle flavours.

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